Back from Hell over Europe Tour !

Hey friends !

Hell Over Europe was such a huge success !! 🙂

Thanks to all our brothers from Aborted, Cryptopsy and Cytotoxin !!
Also huge thanks to Christoph Noth, Niels Hoekstra, Mega and Andrew for being such great persons ! We will miss you all !

And of course thanks to all of you who came to the concerts and made this tour something unforgettable ! Keep supporting Death Metal !!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Hey friends ! 🙂

We are very excited to unleash the first track of our new EP ‘Dogs Always Bite Harder Than Their Master’, to celebrate our 20 years anniversary!

This EP, with killer artwork made by Gary Ronaldson/Bite Radius Design, has been recorded at Kohlekeller Studios by Master Kohle, and contains lots of surprises.
It includes new tracks, a cover track and live stuff from our 20th anniversary show in Lyon last May. Today, we deliver the first piece of bloody self-destructive sickness.
Enjoy ‘Martyr’!




Hello friends !! 🙂

First of all, welcome on this website ! We’ll try to keep it update as we can ! 😉

For this opening, let’s start with a good news : an European Tour for November 2018 !!

Enjoy and see you soon